Niagara is a leading

timber processor

and distributor

Niagara has been successfully performing in the milling, processing, manufacturing and distribution of timber. Niagara is present nationwide, with factories and distribution centres in Invercargill, Ashburton and Cambridge.


McNeill Distribution

McNeill has an extensive fleet of trucks operating from Kennington and servicing the lower South Island. McNeill complements their service with modern and solution-based equipment, such as E-road (GPS equipment) and electronic RUC – all of which ensure a consistent commitment to accuracy and efficiency. McNeill distribution service is expected to continue to develop and expand.


TNZ Growing 


TNZ is a South Island-based company focused on producing quality peat and bark products for wholesale to the horticulture and landscaping industries within New Zealand and Australia.


Property Development


R Richardson Development has been in the property development sector since 1941 and has a strong reputation in Southland. 

Forestry Services


Log Marketing, has a long-standing reputation for value, honesty and the ‘can-do’ attitude synonymous with the Southland region.

Log Logistics


Specialist forestry logistics serving the industry with a platform of systems and support services that underpin the management of log harvesting and delivery activities.




Wood Fuels

Niagara Sustainable Wood Fuel products are created from byproducts throughout our manufacturing process. Choosing a Niagara wood fuel product is choosing an environmentally friendly, sustainable fuel source.


Firewood and

Landscape Supplies


Parklands is proud to supply quality firewood and landscape materials.

Purpose Built Self Storage Units


There are several storage options available at Parklands. Renting periods are flexible; a minimum of 1 week with long term options also.

KGR Architectural Design


Our architectural design team support every customer project with passion and detail. All regulations, requirements and personal budgets are factored to tailor your buildings and landscapes


Our Companies

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